Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things are developing

So its been a little while since my last post. Well that's because I just finished a 5 minute pilot episode of Lloyd the Rock'n Unicorn. So here's some stuff from the creation of the first episode.  I'll be posting the episode soon.
Some thumbnails for various poses and stuff.

Here's some boards n stuff.

Some more boards.

Some more boards. (Not exactly in order or anything.)
 Lloyd standing at the portal to the Real World.
 Lloyd driving home.
Snakeface loosing it.

And here are some stills from the finished episode, weeooo.

 Here's the wireframe of one of the fancy shots. 
 And here's a still from the finished shot.

So there you have it. Lloyd the Rock'n Unicorn. I'll post the episode soon.


Andrew Borno said...

Holy shit, dude-- you've been busy!
Looks awesome. Post ASAP! :)

colimoe said...

Yep, pretty busy. I submitted the pilot to Channel 101. After it premieres there (If they decide to screen it) I'll upload it to Youtube and post it up here.