Sunday, January 8, 2012

Working out the BGs

I'm trying to utilize photography for the BGs in the Lloyd pilot. For one, it will help to make the real world that Lloyd lives in more real, and it could help speed up the process of creating BGs for the pilot. I think I need to simplify the look more. but its a start.


Once he was the most evil villain of the Enchanted Forest. Then he showed up in the real world at Lloyd's apartment... and never left. Once again hes Lloyd's problem, but this time hes a problem in the form of a terrible roommate.... with magical powers, and no job.  Everyday, he serves as a constant, annoying reminder of the past Lloyd so desperately wants to forget.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lloyd Animation Library

So I'm moving forward on creating a short pilot for Lloyd the Rock'n Unicorn, and to help keep things moving smoothly when I really get into production, I'm making a library of basic actions for each of the main characters in the show. I'll be doing the animation on my own, so I want to have as much of the basic stuff taken care of ahead of time, so when unique animation is needed for a scene, I will have more time to focus on just that. On top of creating libraries of animation, I'm also working on a look for the show, so I've applied some compositing tricks to the animation in post.