Lloyd the Rock'n Unicorn's Rock'n Pitch


About the Show

After years of protecting the cuddly inhabitants of Enchantus from the evil Snakeface, Lloyd the Unicorn decides to shuck his responsibilities and start a boring, normal life in the Real World. Unfortunately for Lloyd, his past is catching up with him.

A former prince with the power to transform into a musical super hero, Lloyd longs to be a regular guy, with a regular job, and a regular life. But when the evil sorcerer Snakeface decides to join Lloyd in the Real World, his dream of being a regular guy will become an epic struggle. An epic struggle with the laziest, stupidest, shittiest roommate ever....

The Characters

AKA, The Rock'n Unicorn
The sworn defender and Prince of Enchantus, Lloyd had long protected its cute, stupid ass inhabitants as the Rock'n Unicorn --Think He-Man meets My Little Pony. And he hated every second of it. A grumpy, 20-something guy with a dry sense of humor, Lloyd wants a life without adventure, magic, and heroics. So he moved to the Real World where everything is ordinary. But when forced, and I mean really forced, he will reluctantly use his powers to save the day.

In Enchantus, he was the worst villain ever. -- Think any Saturday morning villain. Since evil never wins in the world of Enchantus, his plans never succeeded. So Snakeface moved to the Real World where evil can win... and now crashes on Lloyd's couch. Now, he's just a pain in Lloyd's ass. Picture the worst roommate you ever had. Now give him/her magical powers... that's Snakeface. He would be harmless, if it wasn't for his inability to grasp the concept of death, injury, and that if you kill someone, they wont be back in the next episode.


Cuddles is an adorable, androgynous little squirrel from the Enchanted Forest, and is often a pawn in Snakeface's evil plans. Cuddles is so stupid, he shouldn't be alive. If not for the cartoon physics of Enchantus, Cuddles would be very dead. Thanks to Snakeface, Cuddles now resides in the Real World. There he often does manage to die in easily avoidable ways, but springs back to life on account of some annoying magical power he possesses. So he will always be around to bother Lloyd. He will always be around. Forever.

Here's the Pilot Episode

With the fabulous opening theme song!

Want to see more Lloyd?

Where the series is going...

Following the first four episodes, the series will continue with episodes typically going together as a series of story arcs usually lasting 3 to 4 episodes each. Lloyd will strive to be a regular guy by avoiding his past life, and Snakeface will continue to drag Lloyd back into his past with his evil antics.  If it isn't Snakeface ruining Lloyd's life, then its Cuddles. If neither of them are ruining Lloyd's life, then some kind of monster or villain from Enchantus will by forcing Lloyd to transform into the Rock'n Unicorn and reluctantly save the day. 

Being normal is pretty tough when your a pink Unicorn with musical super powers.