Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autonomous Conflict Resolver Sketches

 So a few weeks ago I started thinking about the the drones that will be sent to Mars to attack and kill the rebelling colonists. I don't have any final designs yet, but I thought I would post some of the ideas I came up with.

Following the declaration of sovereignty by the Unified Colonies of Mars, all outgoing mineral shipments to Earth were halted. This action resulted in a sudden drop in revenue for the Consortium Off-World Mining Corporation. With their stock value plummeting, the board of directors enlisted the aid of Shlemmer-Hanoi, the Earth's leading autonomous weapons manufacturer to provide a quick, cost effective solution to the rebellion on Mars. Since ferrying enough troops to Mars would be far too expensive, Shlemmer-Hanoi's AUTONOMOUS CONFLICT RESOLVER (A.C.R.) was a practical choice. 500,000 A.C.R.'s were quickly dispatched to Mars to discreetly eliminate each  of the 100,000 colonists, (See correction below.) making way for a fully automated mining system to be implemented shortly after. Consortium Off-World Mining's board of directors expects a full rebound of stock value following the operation.

--Correction -Targets (Shlemmer-Hanoi prefers the term targets. Referring to Targets as "colonists", or "people" is generally bad for P.R.)

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