Sunday, May 15, 2011

Early Photosynthesizer Design

Originally I pictured the Atmosphere Photosynthesizers as these massive stationary machines. But this has been done already in a lot of Sci Fi movies, shows, books, etc, and this design ended up reminding me too much of the Atmosphere Processors in "Aliens" (Which is an awesome movie.) But it wasn't the kind of thing I'm going for in my "Martian Revolution" concept. Its too big, and too complex. Early colonists couldn't build something on this scale, and shipping the components for it from Earth would be too difficult to even bother. So I decided to go with the floating, blimp like Photosynthesizers in this design: Atmosphere Photosynthesizer These self sustaining machines are mostly made up of large inflatable housings that suspend the atmosphere converting machinery in the air. They are easily deployed and are mass produced on Mars.

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